Find out about the comprehensive range of services and solutions we offer. 

  • Hall assemblies
    We assemble steel buildings for our clients in all varieties, whether to be with pitched or shed roof, in complete assembly (frame and roof and wall cladding). Specific features of the different halls, like window and door installation are naturally considered by us and executed by us professionally.
    When cutting the wall covering in the area of doors and windows modern machines are used to ensure a precise right-angled cut and thus guarantee an optimal thermal protection.
    If necessary, we provide for you the right partner for the planning and production of your planned hall.

  • Plants and steel assemblies
    In addition to the hall complete assembly we also install the steel constructions delivered by you, even under difficult conditions such as confined spaces or in halls and buildings. The equipment required for assembly are organised by us.
    If necessary, we provide for you the suitable partner for the planning and production of your project.
  • Tent assemblies
    With more than 20 years experience in the tent construction, on all continents of the world, we are ideally suited to assemble and dismantle your tent.
    We assemble the systems of the well-known company Losberger und Röder.